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BIBLE STUDY: The Kingdom Of Heaven

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Bible Study Series
The Kingdom of Heaven
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March 2015 Issue

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Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs

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06/23/13 - 07/07/13
06/23 AM Oneness With God
06/23 PM Unity In The Home
06/30 AM Unity In The Church
06/30 PM The Church Is One Body
07/07 AM Unity Between Friends
07/07 PM Unity Among All Followers Of Jesus
10/27/13 - 11/10/13
10/27 AM Deceived By The Devil
10/27 PM Deceived By Others
11/03 AM Deceiving Ourselves (part 1)
11/03 PM Deceiving Ourselves (part 2)
11/10 AM Reap What You Sow
11/10 PM Sin


Radio Broadcasts:
March 8, 2015
- Blessed Are The Poor in Spirit And Those That Mourn
- The Meek and Those That Hunger & Thirst After Righteousness
March 1, 2015
- Created Unto Good Works
- Give Glory To God
February 15, 2015
- My People Is Foolish
- Desire
February 8, 2015
- Turned Into Another Man
- Revive Us Again
February 1, 2015
- Love God
- Hear The Word Of The Lord
January 25, 2015
- Sanctity Of Life
- Duty
January 18, 2015
- Love The Church
- Faithfulness
January 11, 2015
- God With Us
- Names Of Jesus
January 4, 2015
- Quickened
- Come

3/8 AM Blessed Are The Merciful
3/1 AM Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit & They That Mourn
3/1 PM Blessed Are The Meek And Those Who Hunger And Thirst After Righteousness
2/22 AM Created Unto Good Works (Bro. Marty Mullis)
2/22 PM Give God The Glory (Bro. Clay Gill)
2/15 AM In Your Patience Possess Ye Your Souls
2/15 PM Your Walls Are Continually Before God
2/8 AM My People Is Foolish
2/8 PM Desire
2/1 AM Turned Into Another Man: The Spirit Of The Lord
2/1 PM Revive Us Again
1/25 AM The Importance Of Loving God
1/25 PM O Earth, Earth, Earth, Hear The Word Of The Lord
1/18 AM The Sanctity of Human Life
1/18 PM The Duty of Children of God
1/11 AM The Importance Of Loving The Church
1/4 AM Can You Limit God (Bro. Joshua Leach)
1/4 PM See The Lord High And Lifted Up (Bro. Clay Gill)
12/28 AM Stedfast In The Lord (Bro. Marty Mullis)
12/28 PM Great Is Thy Faithfulness
12/21 AM My Emmanuel, God With Us
12/21 PM Names Of Jesus
12/14 AM Labor And Rest (Bro. Joshua Leach)
12/07 AM My People Doth Not Consider
12/07 PM Keep This Man And Save Your Soul
11/30 AM What Shall I Render Unto The Lord
11/30 PM Deliver Us From Evil (Bro. Clay Gill)
11/23 AM Be Thankful
11/16 AM Saving Grace and Serving Grace
11/16 PM Sword of Separation
11/9 AM Lead Me O Lord
11/9 PM Truth About Troubles
11/2 AM Persuading Men
11/2 PM To Hold Your Peace Or Not To Hold Your Peace (Bro. Clay Gill)
10/26 AM Look Again Toward The Holy Temple
10/26 PM Ye Have Not Passed This Way Heretofore
10/26 AM Look Again Toward The Holy Temple
10/19 AM Walking With God Bro. Marty Mullis
10/19 PM Proving The Sincerity Of Your Love
10/12 AM Never Man Spake Like This Man
10/12 PM Never Man Spake Like This Man (Keys To Greatness)
10/05 AM Testimony of Jesus Christ
10/05 PM Keep Understanding
09/28 AM Eternal Life: Hereafter and Here




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